How Does It Work?

We provide personal care and household products in refillable, reusable containers. Choose between convenient delivery or pick-up options! 

Ordering from KnoxFill is easy. Just select your refill products and anything else you need, and we'll deliver them to your door or have them ready at one of our partner locations for pick-up. We work just like the milkman: we bring you full containers and take your empty ones to be cleaned, refilled, and redelivered. 

We have a $20 dollar minimum order for delivery and a $5 delivery fee. We also offer free pick-up options for all customers. 

Step One: Make sure you're in our Delivery Area 

We are local to Knoxville and we don't ship any of our products. Check out our delivery area here and make sure you're in the zone! If you're not in our zone, you can always opt to do a local pick-up at one of our convenient partner businesses.  

Step Two: Pick Your Products

Pick out the products you want refilled and let us know how much by using the drop-down. Add any other zero waste products you need to your order.  

Step Three: Tell Us Anything Special We Need to Know To Deliver 

Gate code? Want it left by your garage instead of your front porch? Anything else we need to know? Leave it in the delivery notes! 

Step Four: Get Your Order! 

On your first delivery day, you don't need to do anything - just sit back and wait for your first batch of zero waste goodies. On subsequent delivery days, you'll sit out all your empty containers for us to take, clean, sanitize, and refill for you and other customers. When you're running low on refills, just rinse and repeat. 

If you're picking up, you'll come to the pick-up location you selected during the pick-up window. On subsequent pick-up days, just bring your empty containers for us to clean, sanitize, and refill. 

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