Who Are Your Suppliers?

We take pride in sourcing from phenomenal, sustainable suppliers who care about people and the environment as much as we do. We source locally whenever possible and purchase our products from a variety of women and family-owned companies. We evaluate all of our suppliers on the ingredients they use and the sustainability practices that they employ to ensure that we are offering you a quality product that is as close to zero waste as possible along its entire supply chain! Learn more about our suppliers below and what they put in (and leave out!) of their products. 

Rustic Strength

Our largest supplier is Rustic Strength, a family-owned company located in the Ozarks. We source hand soap, dishwashing soap, liquid laundry detergent, lotion, liquid shampoo and conditioner, dryer balls and body wash from Rustic Strength. Rustic Strength offers an innovative close-loop system, so we return our bulk containers to be refilled and reused. They only use the highest quality ingredients that are good for you and the planet. Learn more about their ingredients here

Knox Girl Soap

Knox Girl Soap is a local, woman-owned company that makes the BEST soaps. We source our solid soap bars and solid dishwashing soap from Mel. Read more about their ingredients here

Solace Farm Homestead 

Solace Farm Homestead is located in Coalmont, Tennessee. They provide us with amazing bar shampoo and conditioner. Learn more about their story, process, and ingredients here

Dandy Soap

Dandy Soap is another local, woman-owned company that makes high-quality artisan products. We source our vegan shampoo and conditioner bars from them. Learn more about their environmental values and ingredients on their website.  

No Tox Life

No Tox Life is a mother-daughter owned company operating out of Texas. They provide our Vegan Dish Block, our zero waste deodorant, our bamboo soap shelves, mesh produce bags, and our bamboo dish and pot scrubbers. They use only the highest quality, vegan ingredients. Read about their story and ingredients here

Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Switch is a family-owned company operated out of Minnesota. They provide us with our zero waste cutlery kit, our safety razors, organic muslin bulk bags, and soap holders. Read about their company and eco-friendly products here


Yep, you read that right! We make our liquid castile soap in-house from the highest quality, bulk ingredients. That's the only product we currently make ourselves and is one of the products that we transitioned to early on in our zero waste journey. 

Nelson Naturals

Nelson Naturals supplies us with our zero waste toothpaste and toothpaste tablets. Check out their FAQ page to learn more about the original plastic-free toothpaste company! 

Dental Lace

We source our zero waste floss from Dental Lace, a woman-owned company that supplies us with both vegan and silk refillable floss. Check out their Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about their product. 

Mama Suds

Mama Suds is a woman-owned company based in Michigan. They supply our dishwasher detergent, toilet cleaner, and all-purpose cleaning concentrate. Learn more about their founder and their all-natural ingredients here

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