KnoxFill for Business is Finally Here!

Hey KnoxFillers and Knoxville’s local businesses! We have some exciting news… We are fully launching our KnoxFill for Business program this month, so you’ll be seeing more KnoxFill refills in businesses around town! You might find our hand soap in the bathroom of your usual lunch spot or our cleaning supplies behind the counter at your favorite local shop – or you could even have them at your place of work! 

Why get refills for your business? 

We’ve all heard the scary stats: the Tennessee River is one of the most plastic polluted rivers in the world. Microplastics are invading every last crevice on earth (including our bodies! Yikes!) Plastic recycling is broken and ineffective. Amidst these problems, customers want bold, sustainability leadership from the businesses they frequent. People want to patronize businesses who reflect their sustainable values and make environmental choices the default (and they’re willing to drop brands that don’t reflect their values). 

With KnoxFill for Business, we offer a variety of products and packages, including bulk hand soap, dish soap, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, oxy boost, and cleaning supplies. Our products are locally and regionally made by small, sustainable businesses that care about our health and the environment. All of our refill products are plant-based, free of harsh chemicals, effective, and come in a variety of scents (all handpicked by Dr. KnoxFill herself) – you can even customize a signature scent for your business!

Our mission at KnoxFill is to decrease the amount of waste in our community by offering better alternatives to everyday products. We work with like-minded businesses to provide refills and zero waste products to over 900 households and businesses around Knoxville. Your customers and employees will be heartened to see the steps you’re taking to reduce waste in your business. 

If you own a business or want KnoxFill refills at your office, apply for an account at our KnoxFill for Business page, or pass it along to your manager or favorite local business. To get a brochure with more information, drop us a note here

P.S. Want to go even further in making your small business sustainable, but don’t know where to start? Michaela, KnoxFill founder and sustainability expert, offers consulting to help businesses integrate strategic sustainability into their operations and communication. Schedule an introductory call with her here

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