Bulk Foods, Spices, & Teas

We have dozens of in-store only bulk foods, spices, and teas. See our list of bulk items below along with pricing. Visit our store and BYO containers, use our free donated containers, or purchase KnoxFill containers for refilling.

white woman reaching for a jar of spices from a bulk wall

Bulk Foods


*Trail Mix ($0.90/oz)
*Fregola Azuroni Pasta ($0.30/oz)
*White Basmati Rice ($0.35/oz)
*White Quinoa ($0.25/oz)
*Three-Bean Chili Mix ($0.25/oz)
*Yellow Popcorn ($0.15/oz)
*Dry Roasted Peanuts, Unsalted ($0.40/oz)
*Raw Walnuts ($1.35/oz)
*Raw Whole Cashews ($0.75/oz)
*Raw Organic Almonds ($.93/oz)
*Green Lentils ($0.25/oz)
*Red Lentils ($0.25/oz)
*Cannellini Beans ($0.35/oz)
*Garbanzo Beans / Chickpeas ($0.25/oz)
*Long Grain Brown Rice ($0.20/oz)
*Rolled Oats ($0.15/oz)
Golden Roast Smoky Mountain Blend Coffee Beans ($1.10/oz)
Golden Roast Summitt Smooth Coffee Beans ($1.10/oz)
*Eat My Granola Almond Chai Granola ($1.25/oz)
*Eat My Granola Jamocha Mama Granola ($1.25/oz)
Frog Juice Blueberry Basil Kombucha on tap ($0.30/oz) 


Spices, Herbs, & Baking

*Allspice, Ground ($1.90/oz)
Baking Powder, Aluminum-Free ($2.25/oz)
Baking Soda ($0.30/oz)
*Sweet Basil Leaf ($1.35/oz)
*Bay Leaf, Whole ($1.85/oz)
*Cardamom Pods, Whole ($4.90/oz)
*Catnip Herb ($2.20/oz)
*Cayenne, Ground ($1.15/oz)
*Celery Salt ($0.75/oz)
*Chia Seed, White ($1.55/oz)
*Chili Powder ($1.50/oz)
*Chipotle, Ground ($1.70/oz)
*Cinnamon, Ground, Ceylon ($2.10/oz)
*Cinnamon Sticks, Ceylon ($3.50/oz)
Citric Acid ($0.90/oz)
Kaolin Clay Powder ($1.15/oz)
*Cloves, Whole ($3.40/oz)
*Coriander Seed, Whole ($1.40/oz)
Cream of Tartar Powder ($1.00/oz)
*Cumin Seed, Ground ($1.60/oz)
*Curry Powder ($1.25/oz)
*Dill Weed ($2.40/oz)
*Everything Blend ($1.30/oz)
*Fennel Seed, Whole ($1.05/oz)
*Five Spice Powder ($1.30/oz)
*French Green Clay Powder ($1.15/oz)
*Garlic Granules ($1.90/oz)
*Garlic Powder ($1.85/oz)
*Ginger Root, Ground ($2.20/oz)
*Herbs de Provence ($1.90/oz)
*Italian Seasoning ($1.40/oz)
*Lemon Balm Leaf ($2.20/oz)
*Lemon Pepper Blend ($2.00/oz)
*Maple Syrup Granules ($2.05/oz)
*Mustard Seed, Yellow, Whole ($0.75/oz)
*Nutmeg, Ground ($3.75/oz)
*Nutmeg, Whole ($4.15/oz)
Nutritional Yeast ($1.50/oz)
Nutritional Yeast, Large Flakes ($1.40/oz)
*Onion, White, Minced ($1.05/oz)
*Oregano Leaf ($1.45/oz)
*Paprika, Ground ($1.45/oz)
*Smoked Paprika ($1.50/oz)
*Parsley Leaf Flakes ($1.80/oz)
*Gourmet 3 Peppercorn Blend ($2.55/oz)
*Peppermint Leaf ($1.65/oz)
*Red Chili Peppers, Crushed ($1.40/oz)
*Rosemary Leaf, Whole ($1.10/oz)
*Sage Leaf, Rubbed ($1.70/oz)
*Sesame Seed, Hulled ($0.75/oz)
*Star Anise, Whole ($2.50/oz)
*Taco Seasoning ($1.55/oz)
*Tarragon Leaf ($5.20/oz)
*Thai Seasoning ($1.55/oz)
*Turmeric Root, Ground ($1.40/oz)
Xanthan Gum ($2.15/oz)
*Smoky Mountain Spice Factory Appalachian Chicken and Fish Rub ($3.70/oz)
*Smoky Mountain Spice Factory Appalachian Lamb Seasoning ($3.90/oz)
*Smoky Mountain Spice Factory Smoked Sea Salt ($2.20/oz)
*Smoky Mountain Spice Factory Smoky Taco Seasoning - Medium ($4.85/oz)



*Chai Black Tea ($2.30/oz)
*Earl Grey Black Tea ($2.20/oz)
*Elderberries, Whole ($2.30/oz)
*Elderberry Echinacea Wellness Tea ($2.45/oz)
*Forever Fruit Tea ($1.75/oz)
*Irish Breakfast Black Tea ($1.70/oz)
*Lemon Ginger Tea ($2.25/oz)
*Luscious Licorice Herb Tea ($2.10/oz)
*Orange Spice Black Tea ($2.35/oz)
*Raspberry Green Tea ($3.90/oz)
*Relaxing Herbal Tea ($2.10/oz)
*Rooibos Tea ($1.80/oz)
*Sweet Matcha Green Tea ($2.60/oz)
*Turmeric Ginger Tea ($2.35/oz)
*Tonya Rae's Anti-Inflammatory Tea ($6.00/oz)
*Tonya Rae's Immuni-Tea ($6.00/oz)
*Tonya Rae's Mint Chocola-Tea ($6.00/oz)