Bulk Household & Personal Care

We carry tons of bulk + refillable household and personal care goods both in store and online. See our list of bulk items below along with pricing. Order online or visit our store and BYO containers, use our free donated containers, or purchase KnoxFill containers for refilling. Order online for pickup or delivery.

*In-Store Only


All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate ($1.50/oz)
Castile Soap, Lavender ($0.40/oz)
Castile Soap, Orange ($0.40/oz)
Castile Soap, Peppermint ($0.40/oz)
Castile Soap, Unscented ($0.38/oz)
Toilet Cleaner Bombs ($1.15/oz)
White Vinegar Concentrate, Organic, 200 Grain ($0.35/oz)


Laundry Powder, Lavender ($0.55/oz)
Laundry Powder, Unscented ($0.45/oz)
Liquid Laundry Detergent, Lavender Rosemary ($0.35/oz)
Liquid Laundry Detergent, Unscented ($0.30/oz)
Oxy Boost Stain Remover Powder ($0.45/oz)
Kitchen & Home
Dish Soap, Lemon ($0.40/oz)
Dish Soap, Grapefruit ($0.40/oz)
Dish Soap, Rosemary Lemongrass ($0.40/oz)
Dishwasher Detergent ($0.45/oz)
Hand Sanitizer ($0.50/oz)
Hand Soap, Citrus Ginger ($0.40/oz)
Hand Soap, Lavender Bergamot ($0.40/oz)
Hand Soap, Peppermint Lime ($0.40/oz)
Hand Soap, Unscented ($0.35/oz)
Hand Wash & Body Wash, Goldenseal & Citrus ($0.40/oz)
White Vinegar Concentrate, Organic, 200 Grain ($0.35/oz)


Antioxidant Serum, ($24.00/oz)
Elasticity Serum ($15.00/oz)
Face Wash, Citrus ($3.60/oz)
Goat's Milk Moisturizer ($11.00/oz)
*Harper's Naturals Clay Face Mask Powder ($6.25/oz)
*Harper's Naturals Oatmeal Exfoliant ($3.25/oz)
Makeup Remover ($3.75/oz)
Sunscreen, 30 SPF ($2.50/oz)

Bright Body Curly Hair Gel ($3.15/oz)
Conditioner, Cedar & Sage ($0.90/oz)
Conditioner, Goldenseal & Citrus ($0.65/oz)
Conditioner, Rosemary Lavender ($0.80/oz)
Conditioner, Rosemary Mint ($0.80/oz)
Conditioner, Rosemary Mint Vanilla ($1.15/oz)
Dry Shampoo, Eucalyptus Cedarwood ($5.00/oz)
Dry Shampoo, Grapefruit Lavender ($5.00/oz)
Shampoo, Cedarwood & Sage ($0.65/oz)
Shampoo, Goldenseal & Citrus ($0.65/oz)
Shampoo, Rosemary Mint ($0.65/oz)
Body Wash & Hand Wash, Goldenseal & Citrus ($0.40/oz)
Body Wash, Lavender ($0.45/oz)
Body Wash, Rosemary Tea Tree ($0.45/oz)
Body Wash, Peppermint ($0.45/oz)
Body Wash, Sandalwood & Sage ($0.45/oz)
Body Wash, Warm Pumpkin Pie ($0.45/oz)
Deodorant Cream, Grapefruit Lemon ($4.50/oz)
Deodorant Cream, Lavender ($4.50/oz)
Deodorant Cream, Rosemary Patchouli ($4.50/oz)
Epsom Salts ($0.20/oz)
*Harper's Naturals Lavender Body Scrub ($2.00/oz)
*Harper's Naturals Oatmeal Exfoliant ($3.25/oz)
Lotion, Lavender Patchouli ($0.90/oz)
Lotion, Goldenseal & Citrus ($0.80/oz)
Lotion, Rosemary Mint ($0.90/oz)
Lotion, Unscented ($0.85/oz)
Shower Steamer, Eucalyptus ($3.85/oz)
Sunscreen, 30 SPF ($2.50/oz)
Mouth Wash Tabs, Cool Mint ($9.50/oz)
Tooth Tabs, Peppermint ($7.25/oz)