SoKno Pride 2022, Pride Month Donation & Giveaway, and LGBTQ+ Resources

michaela, rose, and jenny at south knoxville pride

Happy Pride Month! This year’s SoKno Pride was full of rainbows, love, and so many amazing small businesses and allies! It was beautiful to see local Knoxville businesses supporting each other and the LGBTQ+ community. We love being a part of the celebration of freedom and diversity in Knoxville and around the world, and we were happy to have Green Heron Compost, a Queer-owned composting organization, join us at our booth, along with Rose Shelor Art’s handmade grow-with-me pants for little ones. 

This year we spiced up our booth by making rainbow Pride jars with juiced vegetables, a brightly colored spice, and a leftover baking ingredient we found in our pantry! Watch the behind-the-scenes making of our homemade Pride jars on our Instagram page.

We were lucky enough to run into the Scruffy City Sisters at SoKno Pride this year, and what a joy it was to meet them! Scruffy City Sisters are a community-based organization of LGBTQ+ Nuns, Guards, and Guardian Angels whose mission is to uplift and support Knoxville’s LGBTQ+ community. You can book the Scruffy City Sisters for your event or attend one of their events (follow them on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with their events).

We are excited to announce that we will be matching our KnoxFillers’ donations to LGBTQ+ organizations through the rest of June, up to $500 total. You can donate to your favorite LGBTQ+ organization or choose one on our list below. Send us proof of your donation (via DM or email) that includes the name of the organization and the donation amount, and we will match it! All donors will be entered into a giveaway to win a KnoxFill summer scents gift bag! Our giveaway winner will be announced in July.

We will match your donation to any LGTBQ+ organization, but we have listed several below along with resources to get you started!

Knox Pride was founded in 2006 to support our local Knoxville LGBTQ+ community through events, education, and outreach. It is most well-known for the Knox Pride Festival, which is a weekend of celebration “focused on promoting equality and inclusion for all.” This year the event is called Knox Pride Homecoming and will be held at World’s Fair Park from September 30 - October 2. Make a one-time donation for Pride Month or set up a monthly donation here. Check out their LGBTQ+ resources or visit the Knox Pride Vocational Center on 4044A Chapman Hwy, Knoxville, TN 37920.

The Trevor Project is a nonprofit organization focused on suicide prevention and crisis intervention for young LGBTQ+ people across the United States. The organization provides a crisis hotline, counseling services, and an online worldwide community space for young LGBTQ+ folx. Fill out the donation form on their website to make a one-time or recurring donation. Contact them at for general inquiries or reach a counselor 24/7 via chat, call, or text.

GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) hosted their 11th Annual East Tennessee Diversity Prom 11th Annual East Tennessee Diversity Prom this May at Lakeshore Park in Knoxville, Tennessee. This prom allows LGBTQ+ students to be themselves without judgment or rules about their gender, sexuality, or dress choice. GLSEN Tennessee is one of the 43 chapters of GLSEN that helps support students and educators locally. Donate to this chapter to support LGBTQ+ programs, outreach, and events in Tennessee. You can contact them at

Appalachian OUTreach is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to “empowering, connecting, and supporting” LGBTQ+ people across East Tennessee. The organization uplifts Queer artists and heroes, hosts events, and provides resources for LGBTQ+ friendly businesses and resources across East Tennessee. Your donation helps provide LGBTQ+ folx with clothing, food, college application fees, and more. Contact them at or 865-268-9098.

Many of these organizations have local volunteer opportunities, and if you are not able to give a monetary donation at this time, consider volunteering your time to help our LGBTQ+ community. We are sending love and hope to all of our LGBTQ+ community and are so thankful for all of the LGBTQ+ people and businesses that we met at SoKno Pride this year! 

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