Where to Refill in Knoxville

refill wall at knoxfill

Many of us make sustainable swaps every day and still end up with piles of plastic and single-use trash (recyclable or not). Although swaps like reusable silverware, food storage containers, beeswax wraps, straws, and water bottles reduce TONS of waste, it seems impossible to avoid the wasteful packaging for other necessities like home goods and groceries – thanks to the mega-corporations that produce these products, along with high levels of waste and pollution. But don’t let that discourage you from doing what you can as a consumer! 

Thankfully, Knoxville has several options to reduce your waste. Read for a list of package-free, plastic-free refillable and low waste shopping options around Knoxville. And if you find another spot, please let us know so we can add it to our list!


116 S Central St

Refills: Various wines on tap. Refills on their wide selection of keg wines (must use their bottles).

Located in the heart of the Old City, Corks offers the option to buy a wide selection of delicious keg wine in refillable bottles, which you may return for a $2.50 discount on any purchase later on. You don't even have to buy another refill to get your reimbursement!

Purchase one of their keg wine options, then bring your bottle back for refilling and get $2.50 off for each bottle you return.

The Fresh Market

11535 Kingston Pike (Farragut)

4475 Kingston Pike

Refills: snacks, candy, chocolates, coffee, trail mixes.

The Fresh Market has two locations in Knoxville, and both have a wide selection of treats and goodies in bulk. You can bring your own containers to the store, have them tared at the register, and fill up on goodies without any of the single-use packaging! 

Farmers Markets

Market Square Farmers Market

Other farmers markets around town

You can find tons of fresh, local produce at farmers markets around town! Produce is almost always unpackaged at farmers markets, but be sure to bring your own produce bags or tote bag to avoid plastic bags. Many local vendors also have breads, spices, oils, desserts, or other goodies without plastic packaging.

Frog Juice Boocherie

2920 Sutherland Ave

Refills: Locally made kombucha on tap. Bring your own gallon or half-gallon growler for refilling, or purchase one of theirs.

Frog Juice Boocherie is Knoxville’s kombucha bar. Along with delicious kombuchas on tap, they also offer locally made honey sodas and mocktails (or “mertails”). Plus, they just started a rewards program – for every 9 growlers you purchase or fill, you’ll get the 10th fill FREE!


3211 South Haven Rd

Refills: Check out our Bulk Household and Personal Care and our Bulk Foods, Spices, and Teas. Bring your own container, purchase one of ours, or use one of our free donated containers.

At KnoxFill you can find refillable home products, bulk foods, low waste swaps, and locally made goods. You’re welcome to bring your own containers for refilling – just be sure to weigh them up at the register before filling! Our donated containers and KnoxFill containers are pre-weighed so you can go ahead and start refilling. We also have delivery and pickup options available all over Knoxville, and you can catch our mobile refillery at popups around town!

Sunrise Dairy

A Farm in Crossville, TN

Find them on Market Wagon

Refills: Grass-fed local milk in returnable + refillable glass containers.

Sunrise Dairy delivers grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free milk in glass bottles through Market Wagon! You have to order fast, as these are the first to run out. For your next order, just return the glass jugs - just like we used to get milk!

Three Rivers Market

1100 N Central St

Refills: grains, legumes, beans, nuts, flours, granolas, spices, chocolates, coffees, maple syrup, soy sauce, and more. Bring your own container and weigh it at the register before you fill.

Aside from offering a humbling selection of ethically sourced and organically produced food and home products, Three Rivers Market in North Knoxville also has an extensive offering of bulk goods, from candy and snacks, to baking products, nuts, spices, rice, and grains. You can bring your own containers – just be sure to have them weighed first!

The Tree and Vine

439 Union Ave

Refills: olive oils and balsamic vinegars (return with one of their containers for discount). 

The Tree and Vine, located on Union Ave, just off Market Square, uses recycled paper products to wrap their products and gifts, and encourage their customers to return with a formerly purchased bottle for a discount on their purchase. Best olive oil selection in town!


We're glad to be apart of Knoxville's refill scene, and we hope local refill options continue to grow and flourish! Know of other refilling or low-waste options around town? Share with us, and we'll spread the word! Thanks for doing what you can to make our community and earth healthier and cleaner.

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