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Casa Agave™ Pot Scrubber

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The casa agave™ brushes are an easy replacement for your plastic dishwashing and vegetable brushes in the kitchen and home. 

With a Moso Bamboo or white teakwood handle and medium weight agave fiber, coconut or palmyra fiber bristles, these brushes can be used for dish washing, vegetable washing and even general cleaning around the house.

Sustainability: Moso bamboo, known as the giant bamboo or timber bamboo, has been used for centuries to fashion buildings, flooring and culinary tools. The young shoots are often prepared into Asian dishes. The plant fiber bristles are made from agave fiber mixed with palmyra fiber. Lightly coated with non-toxic wood coating to reduce cracking and splitting. FSC certified by TÜV SÜD Czech, Prague.

Agave Fiber: CASA AGAVE™ agave and palmyra fiber bristles are grown, harvested, sun-dried and processed in Mexico using traditional techniques to ensure a high quality and strong natural fiber. The coconut fiber is harvested from coconut processing waste in Sri Lanka. 

Made by No Tox Life, a mother/daughter owned company in Texas 

Customer Reviews

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Laura Still
Go-to Scrubber

This is great for scrubbing pots or dishes with hard-to-remove residue. It's the first brush I reach for when washing dishes.

Exceeds expectations

I had low expectations for the scrubber, but it has exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy with it. The bristles are very tough and stiff. I’ll make sure to put the scrubber on a stand to let it dry out between uses. I ordered it with the solid dish soap. I find that I add some water to the dish soap and get the scrubber wet and then get plenty of soap onto the scrubber, then add some water to whatever pot or pan I’m trying to scrub and it gets it very clean with little pressure. I give this scrubber four stars only because I am disappointed with the handle. It would be great to have an elongated handle rather than a round handle for better grip and more ease for old, arthritic hands. The little round knob that provides the grip gets very slippery and wet soapy hands. I know that’s probably a difficult thing to change as the handles are likely premade somewhere. But having a good scrubber without any plastic is FANTASTIC,

Love it!

So handy (and cute)!!

Alex Dowd
Great brush!

This brush is great for scrubbing and feels good to hold! It looks good too. The bristles are very sturdy.

Christine J
Great product!

I especially like the lotion!